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About Go Greek Mineola

Tommy Matheos is a first generation American, born to parents from southern Greece, outside the ancient city of Sparta. Tommy’s father, Tasso (short for Anastasios) was focused on agriculture back in Greece, planting and harvesting over 400 walnut, olive and chestnut trees on his family’s property.

The Matheos family emigrated to the United States and founded the Olympic Diner in Deer Park. After many years of working in the hospitality industry in the States, and travelling back and forth between the U.S. and Greece, Tommy and his wife, Gabriella, realized there were few options for Greeks looking for authentic Greek food on Long Island.

In 2015, Tommy and Gabriella opened GO GREEK in Garden City as the answer to a food industry full of "gyros," but no "yeeros." Go Greek serves ONLY fresh-made food options to the delight of Long Island lovers of Hellenic cuisine.

As the parents of a child with severe food allergies, the Matheos family made sure Go Greek would be able to bring a taste of fresh, real Greek food that everyone could enjoy.

About Go Greek Bohemia

The proud owners, Anastasia and George Papadakis, of Go Greek in Bohemia, are a husband and wife duo, originally from the region of Sparta, Greece. Drawing from their roots, they've crafted a menu that reflects the traditional flavors of Greece, that captures the essence of Greek culture. With warmth and dedication, this couple welcomes guests to savor the genuine tastes of Greece, sharing not just food but the heartfelt spirit of their homeland.